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New Here?

Welcome to the Throne of God parish.

Our prayer is that the God of all grace will strengthen you, establish and perfect all that concerns you. May the word of His grace dwell in your heart richly as you read it and empower you to succeed. May the Lord grant you the boldness to effectively communicate to others God’s love.


Start your journey to a lifelong relationship


Following Jesus is about taking the first step to surrender your life completely to Him. your next step. Salvation happens immediately. Repent from your old ways and accept Jesus as the Lord and saviour of your life. You are now in Christ 2 For 5:17. Jesus has given you a new life and we are here to help you walk with consciousness that Jesus in your life.

Believers Class and Water Baptism

Now that you are a child of God, begin to build relationship with the word of God. The believers class seeks to create in every new believer a foundation which is solid enough to withstand any type of structure that would thereafter come upon it. The forgiveness of sin that brings salvation is not the end of the redemption from sin. The knowledge of who you were as unbeliever and who you are now after your salvation is imperative to your daily walk with God.  The Bible says, “And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free”. (Jn. 8:32).

We offer baptism classes throughout the year to instruct new believers in the importance and significance of water baptism. This is is obedience to the word of God in Matthew 28:19 that believers should be baptized in water after becoming a Christian.

Holy Spirit

Jesus said we shall receive power when the Holy Spirit is come upon us. The Holy Spirit empowers a believer to live the Christian life.